Olga Parkhomenko

Olga Parkhomenko (b. 1928) came to Poznań competition as David Oistrakh's student at Moscow Conservatory; 25 years later she was to send here her former student, Vadim Brodski, who won the event. Susequent laureate of competitions in Paris and Salzburg, she made a particular impression in Poznań with her interpretation of 'The Fountain of Arethusa' by Karol Szymanowski: 'in dark colours, as if admired and musically described at dusk, to the setting sun', as commented by Jan Weber.

Olga Parchomienko (USSR) - Karol Szymanowski - The Fountain of Arethusa from Myths Op. 30 - Inna Kallegorskaja (piano).mp3 5.3 MB

Rec. competition presentation (1952).