Date of Birth: 14.04.1986
Instrument: Josef Rocca 1841


Stage 1:

J. S. Bach: Chaconne from Partita BWV 1004
N. Paganini: Capriccio No.17 Op. 1
H. Wieniawski: Capriccio Op. 10 No. 5 (Alla Saltarella)
E. Ysaÿe: Third Sonata in D Minor for violin solo Op. 27 Ballade

L.Isumi -JSB-IIPartita-Chaconne-g.mp3 13.4 MB

L.Isumi -N.P-Kaprys Es.mp3 3.57 MB

L.Isumi -H.W-Kaprys nr5.mp3 1.96 MB

L.Isumi -E.Y-Sonata nr3 d-moll.mp3 6.36 MB

Stage 2:

F. Schubert: Sonata in A Major (Duo) D 574
H. Wieniawski: Legende, Op. 17 and Polonaise in D Major Op. 4
K. Szymanowski: La fontaine d'Arethuse of Mythes cycle Op. 30

Stage 3:

W. A. Mozart: Violin Concerto in G Major KV 216 (first movement) ; Cadence author: S. Franko and others
W. A. Mozart: first movement of Sinfonia Concertante in E flat Major KV 364/320d

Stage 4:

H. Wieniawski: Second Violin Concerto in D Minor Op. 22
F. Mendelssohn - Bartholdy: Violin Concerto in E Minor Op. 64