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'Wieniawski inspires' | Wojtek Grabek | PREMIERE

Wojtek Grabek. Phot. Piotr Wojtasiak

'Wieniawski inspires' is a title to create musical projects that open rarely explored, by a common classical music lover, door to other worlds. Wojtek Grabek has accepted the artistic challenge. Inspired by "Caprice", "Polonez", "Legend" and "Variations" by Henryk Wieniawski, he composed four extremely original pieces, premieres of which will take place on our YouTube channel 'WIENIAWSKI PL' on July Fridays: 3, 17, 24, 31 at noon.



'Caprice Op. 18 No. 1 is one of my favourite caprices by H. Wieniawski. When embarking on this project, I decided to approach the creative process for this particular piece from a purely linguistic perspective. What is a caprice? A momentary whim. A sudden, surprising change. For me, this approach to composition has opened up completely new fields of interpretation'.



'I invariably associate Polonaise Op. 4 in D major with the Wieniawski Violin Competition. I really wanted to keep its characteristic melody and time signature, while abandoning the folk nature of the piece itself. The combination of the main violin melody played in 3/4 and the repetitive arpeggios - playing the piano melody - in 4/4 became the starting point for the whole composition'.



'Before I started working on Legende Op. 17, I listened to it several times, read the notes several times, and always felt some kind of anxiety and sadness. I don't know where that feeling came from at all. Nevertheless, it overwhelmed me to such an extent that, in my interpretation, "legend" became a fairy-tale battlefield of Good and Evil'.



'Variations on an Original Theme Op. 15 is an extremely difficult piece of music. I remember the first time I looked at the notes of this composition and thought that one has to be quite a madman to write something like that for the violin. I knew immediately then that my interpretation of this musical piece would be nothing short of pure insanity'.